Work For Us

Key Greens are looking for new, talented & enthusiastic staff to join them in an exciting new opportunity to Landscape, Dress and maintain film sets on various Film and TV projects around the UK and occasionally abroad.


This Job demands working to a high level of detail and a real passion for the work you do.

Greenspeople work closely with the art department and are responsible for obtaining, building and taking care of anything ‘green’ or natural used in film production. This includes but is not limited to plants, grass, trees, flowers and any other landscaping materials like rocks, gravel abs sand. 

If you are considering a career change where you can adapt the skills you have learnt within the landscaping and horticulture sector, this role could be the exciting change you have been looking for.

Depending on the requirements we could be dressing anything from creating an idyllic country garden to tropical jungles or even an enchanted forest. Every production is different so there is a huge variation of work available.

Applicants should have experience within landscaping and horticulture or even floristry and events which should be detailed in your application.

We work on a freelance basis so this is not a permanent contract but would urge you not to let this out you off as we aim to go job to job with minimal gaps in between productions. This however is not guaranteed.

A standard working day is from 0730 to 1700. Occasionally overtime and Saturday work is required but is paid at x1.5 your standard rate.

Unlike traditional landscaping jobs we do not take days of due to weather.

Full UK driving license is essential.

If you think this is something that interests you, please send your CV through to