Here at Key Greens when asked about plant care we say to our clients;
“If you want it to survive you water it, but if you want it to thrive you feed it!”

The compost we supply and use ensures your garden gets the essential;

• slow release of nutrients
• optimum soil health
• improvement of soil structure
• increased moisture retention

One huge benefit of applying our compost to the garden is that it helps you maximise Carbon Sequestration. This is the process of restoring carbon back into your soil.

Our special blend of compost is available to be delivered in loose loads for large quantities or in 40L bags for smaller projects (minimum order 120L).

If you place an order for our compost you may also consider the option to add our compost spreading service.

Please see prices below or contact us for a quotation


 x4 Bags (160L)    @ £30.00

x8 Bags (320L)    @ £55.00

x12 Bags (480L)  @£80.00



 Minimum 1Tonne @ £120.00

2Tonne @ £200.00

Spreading service

Our compost spreading service is charged at £10.00 per 160L.

Please not all prices include delivery and vat.

Whatever your needs, we’re looking forward
to hearing from you

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